EU tariffs: All of the US products that will have higher duties — Quartz

The US trade war with the world is well underway. In retaliation for Washington’s levy of duties on aluminum and steel from the European Union, the 28-country trading bloc has now imposed a plethora of tariffs on hundreds of US  goods. Here is a look at all  340 products affected, divided into two lengthy lists. The first shows the American exports that will face extra tariffs to retaliate against US duties on “carbon and alloy” products. The second includes the remaining aluminum and steel products. Barbed Wire, Metal Mesh, Stainless Wire Mesh, Screen Window – JIUZHOU METAL,

Refuge notebook: Where do black and brown bears occur?

A black bear sow with two cubs leave a barbed-wire exclosure designed to snag their hair. (Photo provided by Kenai National Wildlife Refuge) Science is more than the five-step method we learn about in grade school — science is a philosophy of questions. As a budding graduate student who is interning at the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge, I am beginning my training in that philosophy by asking questions about species distributions and interactions. Knowing where species live is essential to effective conservation, and species’ distributions can depend just as much on other animals as they do on their habitat. Just imagine a food web with all the organisms that live in an area as diverse as the Kenai Peninsula – it gets pretty complicated. But animals interact in more ways than just eating one another. Some species compete for similar resources. Competition can be a strong driver of animal distributions across an area. Competitive exclusion between brown and black bears is well-documented wherever the two species overlap. In my graduate research, I will explore to what degree brown bears influence the spatial distribution of black bears on the Kenai Peninsula. I plan on doing so b...