A dashcam is an important car accessory that records the video of the vehicle on the driving road. It gives crucial evidence in case of car accidents and provides a much-needed safety to the driver.

If you’ve restlessly been searching for a budget car DVR that doesn’t compromise on performance, the Alfawise LS02 1080P FHD dash cam might just fill the bill. With a full HD video processor under the hood, the Alfawise LS02 records crystal clear images, as well as your locations using its GPS function.

Loaded with a slew of similar useful features, the Alfawise LS02 understandably carries a $100.26 price tag, but Gearbest is giving you a chance to buy it for a reduced price of only $85.99. As if that weren’t enough, you can extend this 14 percent discount by applying coupon code ILALFA1014.

The aforesaid coupon enables you to save $11 more at the time of checking out. In other words, you can bring the already reduced asking price of the Alfawise LS02 further down to $74.99 simply by applying the coupon. Moreover, you can get an add-on item for just $2.11 if you spend $20, as part of Gearbest’s latest promo.

360 Panoramic

This feature-rich dashcam sports a 3.0 inch large OLED touch screen, which is large enough to operate conveniently. Furthermore, it houses a dual-camera setup (front and back) for all-around recording during your driving trip. It helps avoid disputes

The Alfawise LS02 supports GPS and WiFi, allowing you to track your location on the map, and it can be easily controlled using an app. Powered by supercapacitors, the dashcam comes with a built-in SONY 1080P IMX370 STARVIS image sensor that captures ultra-clear images even in dark environments.

To know more about the Alfawise LS02 1080P dashcam and to place your order, all you need to do is to follow this link without wasting time. With several pieces already sold out at the time of writing, this promo is slated to end in just four days.

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